I will be releasing a new album ‘You Have Failed‘ in 2017.





Until then, you can find more of my RECORDS  in these areas of interweb…


These are a couple of EPs from the early noughties that almost make up a full album with the extra tracks.

I released ‘Even Now‘ in cd form as a short run of 100 and it pretty much sold out in a matter of weeks. Partly thanks to my good friend Steve Kendra who was a taxi driver in York at the time and would slip the cd on in the cab and wait for his passengers to ask what the music was. He actually sold most of them for me.

This next one is compiled from a few songs that had previously been released in other guises but they fit together quite well, so for the sake of completeness here they are as the ‘Great White‘ ep.

In 2010 I made an album with another friend & long-time musical partner Simon Snaize. It’s called ‘Portmanteau‘ and you can get it here…


It travels from woozy, psychedelic folk pop to nasty fuzz riffs to drum machines and vintage synth tomfoolery to country hits & crooner jazz ballads and everywhere inbetween. We recorded the whole thing in a flat in the centre of York with amps buried inside duvets and pillows to pacify the neighbours. You should check it out.

Other stuff – including songs from my previous bands, rehearsal clips, home demos of new songs, covers..birdsong, etc. can be found over at Soundcloud. I’m using it as a sort of ideas bin/archive of my songs &  there’s several FREE downloads in case you want to stick it in your earpods or something.


  1. smh3516 · January 20, 2013

    Hey, there! I’m writing from the U.S. in Virginia, near Washington, DC. Years ago I was happy to find your music on garageband.com. I hadn’t been on for a while and then it closed up shop. I regretted that I hadn’t bookmarked your site and unfortunately could not remember your name, only that you were from New Zealand. Every now and then I’d search under “NZ musicians”, hoping that a name would pop out at me. but alas, I never found you and gave up. The other night, I looked again……..and suddenly your name just came to me…. Keegan! I googled you and sure enough….here you are!

    I’m so excited to re-discover you and enjoy your music again! You are so very talented. My son is musician also and an inspiring songwriter. I’ve told him about you….your uncanny ability to create unique melodies that just grab you….believe that’s called a hook? Whatever, it is – you’ve got it tenfold!

    I would love to buy your CD’s…. any sites that accept US $?

    Sleep well knowing that your music has touched someone over 8600 miles away!

    Sharell Houston

    • davekeegan · January 22, 2013

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a positive comment! Glad you like my music. I’m actually English though..just lived in NZ for a few years.
      I have a new record out pretty soon so will be posting news on here about that.. Cheers, Dk.

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